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Ocean Hotel welcomes with Hospitality of WA(Japanese-style)and a taste of Japan's Four Seasons

IZUMI/HIBIKI, newly debuted in 2015, after long period of 12years since YAMATO/TUKUSHI had made a debut in 2003, are one of the largest ferries in Seto Island Sea, which had adopted new technologies and wide-ranging mordern needs.
Newly equipped 'Open-air hot spa' , 'wide Observation Deck', and 'Observation Room' at the bow where you can observe the panoramic view, will make your trip more enjoyable and pleasant.

Introduction in a ship

Royal room Suite room Deluxe Japanese style Deluxe Japanese&European style
Deluxe Single Deluxe European style 4 people room Standard European style (Newly established) Standard Japanese style
Standard Single      

※These photographs are an image, and there might be a slight deffences depends on the ferries.

Public space

Ocian-view bathroom Restaurant Karaoke room Kids room/Nursing room
Shop Driver's salon Promenade  

※These photographs are an image, and there might be a slight deffences depends on the ferries.

Inside details

Grade Room Equipment capacity×room
Royal room European style Buth room・Toilet・TV・Private deck 2persons×2rooms
Sweet room European style Buth room・Toilet・TV 2persons×20rooms
Deluxe Japanese&European style TV・Washstand 3persons×29rooms
Japanese style TV・Washstand 3persons×6rooms
European style(Barrier free) TV・Washstand 2persons×2rooms
European style(Single) TV・Washstand 1persons×28rooms
European style TV・Washstand 4persons×20rooms
Standard European style Return type coin lockers 16persons×12rooms
Japanese style Return type coin lockers 14persons×4rooms
Japanese style (Barrier free) Return type coin lockers 14persons×2rooms
driver room
(Standard Single)
European style TV 10persons×4rooms
  capacity 643 people

about the furnishings

Grade Room Equipment bath amenities
Royal room European style Refrigerator・Air purifier・Tea set・Electric kettle・Bath towel・Yukata・Relax wear・Dryer・Shampoo & Conditioner・Body Soap
※Sweet room is shampoo and conditioner change to two-in-one shampoo, and no relaxwear.
Towel(Vinyl pouch input)・Disposable slippers・Toothbrush・Shavers・Soap bar・Amenity・Hairbrush・Tissue
Sweet room European style
Deluxe Japanese&European style Tea set・Electric kettle・Yukata
Japanese style
European style (twin)
European style (single) Yukata・Slippers Towel(Vinyl pouch input)・Toothbrush
European style(quad) Tea set・Electric kettle・Yukata・Slippers
Standard European style・Japanese style Bed sheet・Bed cover・Pillow(Only standard room)  
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